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About Us

Our Role


We help talented adults to achieve their potential internationally.

Some of the most gifted people in the world feel that they cannot express themselves in English.

We want you to to be able to say and write everything that you need. Perfectly.

For most people, that represents a huge task with no clear structure. It’s not.

Learning to express and understand ideas in a foreign language should be a rewarding journey. Our role is to guide you.

We’ve already guided many people on this journey: from artists to accountants, from models to mathematicians.

We’ve given them the confidence to express their ideas and personalities in an international language and to achieve the success that they deserve.

We’re a team of teachers, but we think that the role and method of teaching has changed.

People come to us so that we can guide, coach and correct them. The internet offers some brilliant resources for self-study and we encourage people to use them.

Our focus is on those things that you can’t teach yourself. In our lessons, we introduce you to new topics and encourage you to experiment, improvise and receive feedback.

Our Service

We have three departments.

With Futuresay Personal, our teachers provide one-on-one lessons online.

With Futuresay Corporate, we work with companies to provide specially designed lessons for small groups at their offices.

With Futuresay Specialist, we work with industry partners to provide special courses for particular fields, such as the art industry and advertising.

Our Team

Futuresay is run by Will Bland, Kit Bicket and Chris Fawcett. Will founded the company after living in Beijing and Moscow and meeting hundreds of bright people who wanted to speak better English.

The website and initial concept was created by Alexander Teddy, John Mark Fitzpatrick, Jamie Wright and Galia Rybitskaya.

Our History

We launched in 2013 as Learn2, as a directory of native-speaker tutors. Our guiding principle was effectiveness – we gave monthly assessments to everyone who was taking lessons and gradually identified the best tutors and methods.

We then changed our name to Futuresay and focused on English language teachers, creating specialist courses for the arts, advertising and technology sectors.


Our Company

We have offices in Moscow and London and we use separate legal entities in the UK and Russia.

Lessons with Futuresay Personal are provided by Learn2 UK Limited, a British company.

Lessons with Futuresay Corporate and Futuresay Specialist are provided by our Russian company.