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About Us

Futuresay is the trading name of Learn2 UK Limited, a British company that provides personalised English language courses for fast-growing companies and motivated individuals.

We build courses around the specific objectives of each learner and business that we serve.

Acquiring languages is an active process. We get you to think, speak and perform in each lesson because this is how we learn.

We specialise in the technology sector and creative industries. We work with industry insiders to develop courses, such as Adversation, that provide a competitive advantage to businesses in these areas.

We also provide specialised courses for individuals either alone or as part of a group. We provide both face-to-face and screen-to-screen lessons.

Personal lessons are provided by native speakers, industry insiders or professional linguists, depending on each learner’s requirements.

Some of our specialised courses are also open to individuals, such as Let’s Talk Film, which is for film and TV professionals, and Artspeak, which is for artists, gallerists and curators.

In addition to these industry-specific courses, we have another project that’s suitable for all learners who wish to express themselves with confidence in English: the Trobador Theatre Company.

Trobador promotes the study of English through acting, theatre and public speaking. It offers weekly groups for adults and children, with eight-week semesters which each conclude with a public performance.

Some Background

Learn2 began in 2013 as a directory of native-speaker tutors, created by Alex Teddy and Will Bland.

We met in Moscow when we were working as financial journalists for Dow Jones. After seven years living outside England, we’d met thousands of people who needed to speak English but didn’t know how.

Our guiding principle was effectiveness – we gave monthly assessments to everyone who was taking lessons and gradually identified the best tutors and methods.