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“Thank you for all your teaching. It was superb!”

Dmitri Tcherniakov opera and theatre director

“My English is the best! Many thanks to Futuresay!”

Sofia Nikitchuk Miss Russia

“A short, concise and unbelievably useful course.”

Tatyana Provorova Managing Director 16thLINE

What is Futuresay?

We provide English language courses for fast-growing companies and motivated individuals. We’ve built our reputation on excellent teachers, affordable prices and a guiding principle: understanding each client’s personal objectives and how to achieve them. Read examples of businesses and individuals that we’ve helped.
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Why Futuresay?

Whether you want lessons for yourself, your company or your child, Futuresay makes education enjoyable and effective.

Industry insight

We work hard to find committed teachers with a gift for explaining the English language and inspiring their students.

Personalised Courses

Every person has his/her own requirements and needs a different approach. We create a course for each client based on the challenges that he or she faces.

Motivated Groups

Our courses are built around goals and assessments. Our clients know what they want, and our teachers are motivated by achieving results.

Continuous Adaptation

From the moment we start teaching until long after we finish, we seek your feedback and adapt our methods and courses based on what’s most effective for you.

Industry Expertise

We care about the industries and businesses that we serve. We’ve collaborated with businesses in the sectors of technology, advertising, fashion, film and art.


Our aim is to help you to communicate. We use communicative tasks, in which your teacher coaches you to use what you’ve learned as well as expanding into new areas.

Business and Industry

We serve dynamic business in high-growth sectors. We specialise in the technology, advertising and art industries. From advertisers and gallerists to engineers and computer programmers, we’re used to providing support to people who are at the top of their professions and have international careers and ambitions. Here are some case studies:

Technology: Artec 3D

We provide comprehensive English language training covering grammar, writing and speaking for more than 30 top computer scientists at the Moscow office of Artec 3D, the world’s most advanced producer of handheld 3D scanners.
Other clients in this sector: Moscow Government Innovation Agency, Project 2017, TCEH

Advertising: Slava

We recently completed a 12-week course for the entire team of SLAVA, an award-winning Russian advertising agency whose clients include Google and many other top international brands. We trained their staff to pitch and present confidently in English.
Other clients in this sector: Park Production, Havas

Art: Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

We’ve provided seminars and specialist language training for Russia’s most important contemporary art museum, Garage, as well as two major galleries, Triumph and Anna Nova.
Other clients in this sector: Exposed, Savina Gallery, RMA


We provide individual online lessons to adults who have a clear learning objective. Our gifted teachers have prepared their students for a range of high-pressure situations from presentations at the World Economic Forum to jury interviews in the Miss World competition.
After winning the Miss Russia contest in 2015, Sophia only had a few months to prepare for Miss World competition where she would have to present in English to an audience of millions.
Sophia Nikitchuk, Runner Up, Miss World 2015
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After his appointment as Vice President at the Association of European Businesses, Albert was required to lead conferences and meetings in English. We put together an intensive month-long programme to work on his fluency and build his active vocabulary.
Albert Grigorian, CEO Gaz de France Russia
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As he prepared to direct a new production at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Futuresay’s tutors provided a three-month programme of online and face-to-face lessons for the award-winning Russian director.
Dmitri Tcherniakov, opera and theatre director
Read about other learners from the creative industries.

Special Courses

We also offer specialist courses for the individual industries that we serve. Each course is focused either on a specific skill or on professional sphere.


This course is designed for artists, curators and dealers who require the vocabulary, structures and know-how to feel confident in any international art setting. The course consists of 10 sessions including analysis, art styles, museology, the art market, logistics, public and performance art. Maximum group size: 12 people. See schedule

Online Communications

Emails are the hardest medium through which to clearly express yourself. Online Communication is a course which teaches non-native professionals how to write and respond to emails in English. The course demonstrates different structural, linguistic and psychological methods to ensure clarity and success when communicating online. Learn more


Adversation is designed for advertising agencies who want their teams to stand out as more effective communicators and advertisers. We use real-life scenarios and activities to give your teams a competitive advantage in selling the agency’s work to international clients.
Maximum group size: 12 people See schedule

Trobador Theatre Company

We provide courses for adults and children to learn English by acting and performing. The groups are led by British and American actors. Learners of all ages learn to overcome their fear of speaking in English: at the end of each course, we stage public performances! We have three courses: English Through Drama, Express Yourself and Speak the Speech Visit Trobodor Theatre Company

Our course designers

Our courses are designed and taught by experts in their fields – we work with people who can inspire and lead a class, as well as sharing insights from their professional lives.


Elena is an art journalist and television producer. She started her career as an English teacher in the Soviet Union before joining ABC News as a translator. She has produced documentaries for BBC, National Geographic, Arte and the Discovery Channel, including the three-part documentary, Art of Russia.


Mike is a British advertising executive who has numerous awards for his work in the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden and Russia. Mike studied at the University of Oxford and Central Saint Martins before going on to join McCann Erickson, Gray Worldwide and Ark Connect. He created our Adversation course.


Diyar is a British and American educated lawyer and political scientist who has always loved history. He has worked for UNESCO as a senior manager for social and human sciences developing education related projects in Russian and CIS and is currently an executive with the Citigroup in Moscow.

Futuresay 2012 - 2017: News Stories

2013 – Learn2

“The drive behind our concept is to really empower students and reward the best tutors.”


2014 – Talkster

“If you’re young and ambitious in Russia, you need to interact with people and ideas elsewhere. Right now, that’s tough. Talkster will change this.”

2015 – Specialist Courses

“Elena Rubinova and Alex Teddy, the authors of the Artspeak course, told Art and You about the international language of art – how it appeared, where it’s applied and why it’s special.”

2017 – Tech Sector

“Futuresay founder Will Bland talks to Russia’s main startup news portal about languages and the difference between education in Russia and education in the UK.”

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