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English for the creative world.

We design courses through partnerships with industry insiders.

What is Futuresay?

We help you express yourself confidently in English – in industries and areas of life where the quality of language matters. By collaborating with industry insiders and venues, we give you the vocabulary and insights to operate internationally. Read more.

Why Futuresay?

We’re the only organisation dedicated to teaching English for the creative industries – no one else has the same sensitivity to how language is used in the arts, advertising and media.

Industry insight

Our courses are designed and taught by professionals in your industries. Our lessons address the real life scenarios that you face doing business internationally.

Community-based learning

We take care to assemble groups of like-minded learners within your industry. We assemble people of similar professional experiences and linguistic ability.

Inspiring venues

We hold our courses in museums, galleries and other locations where we can bring the English language to life. This helps us to switch your thinking away from the classroom.

Short and intensive

Each course lasts less than four weeks, creating the intensity for a short period of rapid progress, when you can set aside the other distractions of professional and personal life.

Specialist student kits

Everyone receives a course booklet containing all the vocabulary, phrases and documents for the course, as well as additional exercises for further practice.


Our aim is to help you to communicate. We use communicative tasks, in which your teacher coaches you to use what you’ve learned as well as expanding into new areas.

Our top courses

Each course is focused either on specific skills or on professional spheres. We’re developing them continuously and write student kits specially for each one.


This course is designed for artists, curators and dealers who require the vocabulary, structures and know-how to feel confident in any international art setting. The course consists of 10 sessions including analysis, art styles, museology, the art market, logistics, public and performance art. Group size: 6-12 people Next courses: Oct 10, Moscow; Nov, St. Petersburg, Russia

Express Yourself

Express Yourself is a 4-week course to develop the language skills required for presentations, pitches and public speaking. Each group is led by two native speakers. In the first session each week, we do games and exercises that develop your public speaking and arguing skills. In the second weekly session, we practice and compete, with a grand final at the end of the program! Group Size: 6-12 people Next course: Sept 21, Moscow, Russia

History of Europe

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in history and a desire to expand their vocabulary. The course covers politics, economics, religion and culture from the Renaissance to the fall of the Soviet Union, using Jackson J. Spielvogel’s textbook as a guide. It will be particularly useful for those preparing to study in the UK and US.
Maximum Group Size: 6 – 12 people
Next course: Sept 26, Moscow, Russia

English Drama

We teach both children and adults how to communicate effectively in English using the key skills needed in drama. Each class has a different focus: from mime and movement, to improving your imagination through improvisation.
Group Size: 4-8 people
Next courses: Sept 16 & Sept 19, Moscow, Russia

Artists' Workshop

This five-hour course draws on insights from curators and galleries around the world to help artists promote themselves internationally. We focus on the most effective language and style for artist’s statements and work together to perfect each student’s own statement. (2 instructors per group)
Group Size: 6-12 people
Next course: Sept 5, Moscow, Russia

Personal Lessons

In addition to our group courses, we also provide private lessons in person and online. In each lesson, our tutors get you to explore, experiment and develop your skills. You can measure your progress because we assess you from the start, creating a course that’s personalised to your needs and interests.
Group Size: 1 person only
Next course: within 7 days

Our course designers

Our courses are designed and taught by experts in their fields – we work with people who can inspire and lead a class, as well as sharing insights from their professional lives.


Elena is an art journalist and television producer. She started her career as an English teacher in the Soviet Union before joining ABC News as a translator. She has produced documentaries for BBC, National Geographic, Arte and the Discovery Channel, including the three-part documentary, Art of Russia.


Nick has lived in England most of his life, but his family is from all over the world. Normally he studies Russian Language and International Relations in London, but has come to Moscow for a year to perfect his language skills. He has been participating in debates for the last eight years, and has been teaching debating for the last two.


Diyar is a British and American educated lawyer and political scientist who has always loved history. He has worked for UNESCO as a senior manager for social and human sciences developing education related projects in Russian and CIS and is currently an executive with the Citigroup in Moscow.

Student success stories

“I acquired a vital range of vocabulary and useful aides, which I now actively use in my work. Every lesson is given to a specific theme, which is fully illustrated using relevant and original texts, audio and video clips.”
Elena Bistrichan, art manager and curator
Elena studied on the Artspeak course (read more testimonials).
“It was tough, but we all had a lot of fun and would highly recommend it. I’ve been learning English for a long time, but I found debating was an amazing to learn English in a new, and interesting, way.”
Maria Shamshurova Moscow State University
Maria studied on the Express Yourself course (read more testimonials)

Dmitri Tcherniakov, theatre director

Dmitri Tcherniakov, who was directing at the Bolshoi Theatre, came to Futuresay for an intensive course to improve his English for his increasingly international career.

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